Harry Potter and The Cursed Child at Lyric Theatre

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Tickets

Lyric Theatre | New York, New York

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Is there a better way to brighten up your night than to experience the second to none and some top productions? The iconic Lyric Theatre doesn’t think so either, which is why they are excited to present Harry Potter and The Cursed Child for a live show on Thursday 9th May 2024 at their stage in New York, New York! This event will blow away true Harry Potter fans with glorious colours, second to none passion, explosive energy and top musical talent to put on an evening event that will be truly timeless and unforgettable. Critics are already calling this show “top” and “second to none”, with some even saying that this will be the top musical event of 2024. So if you love Harry Potter, you can’t afford to miss out on the show. To get your tickets while supplies last, click the Buy Tickets button below!

Who is The Cursed Child? Could it be Harry, now 40 and driven mad by trauma and regret? Could it be his son, Albus, who has spent his early years in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry followed around by his father’s shadow, impossible to reach? Or maybe it is Draco’s son, Scorpius, who, against all odds has developed a deep bond with the lonely and outcast Albus? Or, most likely it is another exciting new character we encounter throughout the two-part, five-hour play. We may not know who The Cursed child is, but we are certain that any Harry Potter fan or a fan of remarkable theater should experience Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, the “dazzling stage magic” referred to as “the biggest theater hit of modern times”. See your favorite characters develop right in front of you and feel the magic of witchcraft and Wizardry on Thursday 9th May 2024 at Lyric Theatre. Order your tickets now.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child at Lyric Theatre

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